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Originally Posted by ArTurf View Post
Funny you should mention that because I am Asian. I don't think she will experience the things your kids did as maybe people have progressed a little. There are probably some that still think that way but she will be around more well rounded and educated people.
I have never had an issue being Amerasian. I pass for white. because I am only 1/4 Asian. My children are 5/8 Asian because their Mother is 100% Asian. But My point here is I had many Asian or Part Asian Friends in Baton Rouge. They all felt or expressed a feeling of being discriminated against because they were not pure White. Universities are Liberal and I don't think your daughter will feel any racial pressure from her Colleagues. However Old perjury are slow to Die. I think she will find Asian living in Baton Rouge for several years will tell her they have been effected by racism.

One reoccurring theme of Racism that I heard from many friends was Job promotions. My Ex has 17 letters behind her workaholic name. Yet she was passed over multiply times for promotions that went to lesser qualified WHITE people. We came back to Florida for a wedding and fact finding. she applied and got a supervisors Job at twice the money.


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