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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
I would definitly recommend year round monthly service agreements, it'll save your tail come winter time. I didn't in the beginning but do now with all new customers.
Hi everyone, I am 29 years old, i have mowed yards growing up, would mow yards in a small town in nebraska while visiting every year during summer in highschool. I have worked for a couple local well established guys in the past. I also at one time had 10 accounts, (crappy accounts i may add) years ago but when i had found a construction job overtime on saturdays quickly came up so little by little had to lose the accounts. Now with 2 boys and a baby girl, with no luck at finding a job due to an old criminal background and the kids school schedule and ol ladys work schedule i have decided to get back into this and try to start a hopefully successful business for myself and my family. With that being said, is there any webpages where i can basically steal, copy and edit a year round monthly service agreement? And also how to properly estimate and bid the "dollar a minute" i hear about so much. If so can yall please let me know. By the way i have a echo weedeater, a crappy homelight weedeater as a back up, a new 22" snapper and a echo backpack blower if that helps with helping me price. Thanks alot, so glad i found this informative forum site.
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