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Originally Posted by Duekster View Post
GPS, Geo fence and auto log in and out?
no, no GPS, Geo fence or auto log in and out. but personally i don't use any of those anyway.

Originally Posted by kirkmbrown2001 View Post
I have used lawnaide before. The problem with them is that it isn't nearly as easy to use as Jobber. The biggest issue. There is ZERO support!! They don't care about your problems or suggestions. (At least when I used them) Jobber, you can actually call them with a question suggestion and they actually listen!
well i find lawnaid pretty darn easy to use. and as far as support goes the one time i needed it, i did get it. i will admit it wasn't the greatest support but it was there. but i haven't needed support since.

as for suggestions. they actually have a place in the program for people to put down there suggestions and everyone else can read them and vote on them and they take the highest voted ones and add those to the program.

i've never had to actually call lawnaid people so i can't speak for calling them.
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