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Lawn issue....need help

Planted a new fescue lawn from seed 3 years ago. I live on Long Island, NY.
I've noticed (2) types of foreign grass growing amongst the fescue within the lawn.

I'm going to try to best describe the issue and show pictures.

The first is this type of grass

As you can see, it has a very intrusive root system that's just below the soil. I have an 8'x8' section that has this grass. I must say, it's pretty thick and plush now (September here in NY). Here's a picture of it in the area. You can best see it along the driveway blocks at the bend. The grass is slightly taller and greener than the rest of the grass pictured.

I'd like to positively know what type of grass it is and how/if I should try to remove it. I believe it to be "Bermuda Grass" but I want to be certain.

The 2nd type of grass I have is this type.

It's growing in patches in the lawn. The root system appears to be centralized with the grass itself branching out and running under the thatch in a vine like fashion and popping out.
Here's what it looks like in the lawn

It's the taller grass that looks like a tiny pine tree.

I would like to completely remove this grass, or whatever it is. Does anyone know what it is, and how to rid it ?

Thanks in advance.
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