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Originally Posted by Lawn132012 View Post
NattyLawn- I am no scientist but I know what I see with the SumaGreen Turf on lawns I have done. So with that said I did send in your question to Sumagreen to see what the technical answer would be so I would not give out wrong info. Here is what Jennifer sent back to me from Sumagreen: (Could not attach pictures / study they sent me but they were pretty impressive with difference in root mass and OM.)

OM is matter which comes from a once-living organism from either their waste or their decomposition. Our liquid application of microbes dramatically increases the microbial life in the soil which leads to greater OM. This increase in microbes can be measured by Formazan testing. The attached study shows 29% to 41% increases in the Formazan testing (done at Arise Research facility in Illinois).

Additionally, OM is increased by the more significant root mass of plant life grown with SG when they decompose. The attached picture from testing at Michigan State University (and included in an article posted on shows the significantly greater root mass compared to the conventionally grown roots.
Unless you're applying this product at minimum 4 gallons per thousand, sorry bro, you're application of microbes aren't making it into the soil to decompose roots, etc.

What rate is Sumagreen applied at?
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