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Originally Posted by ecross4 View Post
Yes, I mean getting my local community a place to land to find out about the company and what we have offer. I say 'do this for a year' in terms of the most affordable method possible, then once the company is profitable I can improve, the site with features (bill pay, testimonials, photo gallery etc.) I will also need some SEO as well. Trouble is I have no idea on how to do this without spending a ton of money. A buddy of mine has his site built by someone or $1,200, this seems crazy to me but again I don't know if that's high or not.
Gotcha. The reason I asked is that, while I find GoDaddy's sites to be pretty bad, and their extraneous add-on services and fees to be more than shady, with site builders it really comes down to the customization and execution that will better allow you to be found on the search engines. If you hit Google's Webmaster tools, beginner's guide, and their Webmaster Academy, you can get some insight into how to take the correct path. Also, take a look at seoMoz's intro to SEO guide.

In terms of site cost, $1,200 is by no means "crazy". Simple ROI math will illustrate this. If your site can land you one 8 month, $35/week mowing client, you've already paid for 93% of the initial, one-time marketing costs. If you add two clients, well, you're ahead. And then you factor in the long-term, continued payback and brand awareness that adds clients without adding marketing dollars, further raising the ROI of the initial investment while significantly lowering future customer lead and acquisition costs.

edit: I'd also recommend spending time going back through this sub-forum's archives as we cover quite a bit of material with each site put up for review.
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