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Originally Posted by zedosix View Post
I just noticed but those walls are installed on top of the arbel! I was looking at how nice your cuts were when I noticed that!!

Is doing this becoming popular now or something?
I just saw another job the other day that I actually wanted to get pictures of and post on here. It was done the same way, but done poorly. Glue oozing out of the bottom of the block, the block was already tipping out.
I'll have to stop back to get some pics and post.

But with the Arebl, the tops are textured so did you have any problems with that, or just make it up with glue?
And sort of base prep do you do in the areas where the wall is? Anything extra, tighten it up a little bit or same thing as the other paved areas?

I'm interested in knowing about that method, not to take away from the original topic...
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