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I do not grow corn nor farm at all but I know what I see on my lawns and half of them are NOT getting ferts. So tell me why the lawns look great if it is not the Sumagreen stuff. Secondly I do not hold much in University studies even though sumagreen has several university studies on there but if sumagreen is not getting better yields I guess the speech at the 4th World Ag Conference was a fake too.

Sumagreen is like any other product on the market. I can find several people that say it works and several people who will tell why it should not work. Like someone said the proof is in the pudding and the pudding I had was pretty darn good. It only costs a few bucks so try it for yourself before you tell everyone why it SHOULD not work. I like it and will still use it again next year along with several other LCO'S I have spoke to.
Hopefully it does not rain tomorrow so I will be working instead of hearing this noise all day.
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