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Originally Posted by andyslawncare View Post
All of our clients are on 12 month minimum signed contract. We also work in a high income area, and our average full service contract is more than $200/month. I set our business up this way because I like to be paid the same all year. We make our profit during the winter, which is opposite if you charge per cut. It took me 4 years to change to this method. My proposals are usually 3-7 pages 12point and my contract is 2 pages longer than the proposal.
Thanks, that sounds nice to ensure being paid all year long, i better get to thinking on what to write because that is a lot of pages, especially for me to write. I would have to have the 3 bi weekly customers pay me per mow i guess once i grow and have others pay monthly via contract/agreement so i can have a few bucks every other week for expenses to keep doing business. Thanks for the advice
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