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Originally Posted by DQL10 View Post
Well "J" I dont know about the ages of the rest of the guys posting but I am just a tad bit older at 22 and am going through the same thing as you. Usually up around 630. We start our commercial properties at 7am and will continue till about 5 or so. Drop the guys off at their cars and head over to meet my father who handles all the hardscape projects we get. Usually get home around 8ish and take a shower and do all my paperwork for the day while eating dinner. Then repeat the cycle. It is very gruling at times and stressful. Trying to figure out if you are doing things correctly, efficiently, keeping productivity up, remembering each and every mental note you kept for that day. I keep telling myself, bust your ass now while you're young and you wont have to bust your ass as bad when you're older. Meaning this is the time to build your company from the gound up while you're young. As you get older and become a bigger company with more employee's, you will be more involved in the day to day operations of the business side of things.

Hopefully that makes sense. Im having one of those nights lol.
My name is Matt and the letter J is only a portion of my company's name, I just don't want someone searching my company name and then a bunch of lawnsite stuff comes up ha.

But I agree with that, make the sacrifices & bust a$s now and be on easy street 15-20 yrs from now when my employees handle everything & I can draw a 7 figure or high 6 figure salary while not doing much or at a minimum, being a CEO.

Do you go to school at all?

Heres a couple more questions. How many of you guys that never stop thinking business have a gf or a wife? How many of the young guys have gfs? Or are there any like me that don't have the patience for girls my age? :laughs:

Would you look at that, 12:30am and I was exhausted earlier, wide awake now but Ive gotta be up at 6, I have 12 properties to Aerate, 2 are to be dethatched prior & overseeded after. 1 more is to be Aerated then overseeded. Busy day but great money.

What are some stress relievers yall use or what do you do to take your mind off business temporarily?
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