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Originally Posted by JContracting View Post

Heres a couple more questions. How many of you guys that never stop thinking business have a gf or a wife? How many of the young guys have gfs? Or are there any like me that don't have the patience for girls my age? :laughs:

Would you look at that, 12:30am and I was exhausted earlier, wide awake now but Ive gotta be up at 6, I have 12 properties to Aerate, 2 are to be dethatched prior & overseeded after. 1 more is to be Aerated then overseeded. Busy day but great money.

What are some stress relievers yall use or what do you do to take your mind off business temporarily?
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I mowed from jr. high on.... went to college got a "real" job for a few years was mowing part time the entire time, saved up as much capital as I could then jumped head first into full time when I was 23. Married at 22, 1st child at 24, second at 28. 31 soon to be 32 in a week and a half. I've grown from just me to having 2 full time guys and between 2, 3 part time guys from April till November.

If you can find a "good" girl it's worth it. My wife has always been my support even when I bailed out of a great job and was listening to people tell me that I was crazy and could never do it full time.

Do I make what I want? Pretty much, but I do have to take into consideration that I've got the full time and part time guys to take into account, so I could be making more.... or.... I could be making a lot less due to not having the man power to take on what we do.
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