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Originally Posted by DQL10 View Post
Just basic AutoCad stuff. Like desinging homes and buildings and what not. Loved every minute of it actually but classes were in the winter time and the snow was really falling that year. Well my job took over and told my prof and he didnt really agree with my decision but ultimatly it was up to me.

A few of my buddies use to do motocross racing and all said it was pretty fun till I showed them how much more fun hunting and shooting clay pigeons was. Plus I also like to go out and play golf from time to time. Grab some beers and play with some close friends. Have small little wagers and what not to keep it interesting.

As far as the friends thing goes, I learned a long time ago to not hire friends or have a businesses with them. Now having said that, every now and then I will have them help out if they need some extra money but lets just say I will only have my trusted friends help every now and then. I try to keep my professional life out of my personal life. Try not to discuss the business with friends. Mainly because ya never know who they know through other people. Just my personal take on it. Then you have the friends that think they know everything and try to persuade you in different directions on business decisions you need to make that only you can answer. Its a vicious cycle how it works bud.
I like your style,,,,bet you 1500$ I can beat your in a round of golf. I cant catch a fish but I do enjoy fishing.

Friends come and go and a few "very few " cand be trusted and last a lifetime.
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