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Originally Posted by zedosix View Post
On the spot quotes is ok if you have a tree to cut or a stump to pull out, but for a detailed hardscape job its not possible to be accurate "on the spot"
I can usually get pretty close. I like to get a feel for people by giving them a ballpark number and see their reaction. If the ballpark number is in their price range I will do an exact quote and give it to them at a later date. I hate wasting my time doing a quote when the people can't afford it in the first place or don't want to spend that much. Some people have no clue how expensive a job can be or what actually goes into a hardscape project.

Some people don't realize the expense of having all the right equipment to do a large hardscape. So they think the job shouldn't cost as much. It's nothing to have over $100,000 worth of equipment on a job site.
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