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Originally Posted by Think Green View Post
Violin or Fiddle.............Vase or vase...........Engine or motor.........It depends on where you are around the Mason Dixie Line.
I really hate to hear the phrase motor relating to an engine by the way.

The white Crepe Myrtle is beautiful but in my area, it isn't hardy enough to endure the odd weather patterns. The red, dynamite, pink is the best for my area.
We have some of the pink up around the house we bought from henryfields last spring, going to get some more next spring to add to the ones up near the house as the others seem to have done real well and we like them

The ones up near the house will provide some shade for the house eventually.

Found a nursery locally to get some white ones 4 feet tall for about $35 each and hopefully, unlike the dogwoods that died the Crape Myrtles will uptake iron in the clay soil.

The whole area is clay and dogwoods are everywhere and so are the crape myrtles. My luck they will die out too "knock on wood".

God created man, man plants grass, fertilized and watered the grass to watch it grow. Man cut grass and this confused God; in his infinite wisdom where did he go wrong? Why would man work, plant, water and once it grew cut it down just to see the process repeat.

Then God created Women
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