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Originally Posted by StockmanLawnscape View Post
Hey guys. I hear ya on the rain. I had to skip a bunch of our large commercial accounts/homeowners associations this week. Hopefully it rains tonight like its supposed to. I'm in Virginia for the Penn State game so I won't know when it rains! Anyway, we're trying out a Toro Grandstand for the next week. I really liked it all day yesterday...then today came. Now it's a used mower that was traded in, but they said they fixed any problems. Today the blades kept shutting off on me while I was cutting. The engine doesn't labor at all and is actually very strong. I just wished it didn't give me any problems so soon. Now I have to try to see what's wrong with it on Monday. Hopefully it's something easy because I wanted to use it all next week to determine if we should buy one or not.
I have run one for almost 2 years now. If it is an 09 model run away now. If it is newer then buy it. Toro customer service is useless and dealer support in my area is horrible. If you have a decent dealer it will be worth it.
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