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Originally Posted by Duekster View Post
I have been to the IP truck place. As CGA said, These are lease returns from RAC. Supposed to have been maintained well as a part of the lease agreement. Trucks are de-branded. They take off the lift gate and put on a ramp. I think IPTruck got the hint because they now put on an exterior dove tail to lighten up the ramp weight.

Supreme Body makes a nice vanscape body. My understanding is they are about 5K and you need a 14" chasis minimum. I think you are just about going to need to go new to find the crew cab. That gets you up to about 55K

Might be able to work out a 5 year lease then buy it to keep the payments down. I would likely only put 100 to 115 K on one in 5 years so I would get a lot of use out of a new one.
Or you could pay 20k for a used crew cab w 100k, use it for 100k miles/5 years and put 35k in your pocket. Or buy this one w 56k miles for a little more.

I bet they would do 25k. I have bought alot of equipment from this company.
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