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Originally Posted by rreyn1812 View Post
How close to the house?? Our state horticulturist doesn't recommend any closer than 5 feet from the house. I don't think there is any difference between the "bush" and "tree," but to obtain a "tree" style you have to prune them properly and consistently to get them to grow the way you want. That being said, if I want a "tree" style, I try to select one that is already growing generally the way I want (with only one or two major trunks). It then becomes easier to "train" them. I did the same thing with pretty good luck on a couple of the Natchez white varieties that I planted in my front yard.
Actually, I put them way too close to the sidewalk, LOL but are about 10 feet away from the house. If I knew I wouldn't put them through a shock I'd dig the 3 we have up and split the difference between the hose and sidewalk. These aren't big, 10" high when we set them out in the spring.

I've been wondering how to tell the difference between the tree and bush so that's the trick ey? Thanks. The 10" ones we got from Henry Fields do just have one trunk right now so will be easy to train.

Originally Posted by Duekster View Post
Natchez trees up well. I have one about 10 foot from the house and it shades well.

I trim lower limbs and can walk under it. It is starting to get a litte crowed by my Red Oak. However the Red oak is getting crowdered by the house, drive and street so I am not sure how much bigger it will get.
Ok great, and the ones next to the sidewalk are the 10" we got so that will solve that problem now.

By the way, what do you recomend fertilizing them with?

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