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Originally Posted by Turboguy View Post
I would think you would want to go one way or the other. Either start with a wordpress theme and use wordpress or start with a theme compatable with Dreamweaver and use Dreamweaver. I think that is what you planned anyway.

As far as the site I recommended I have used their templates (working with one right now). I tend to use the code window in dreamweaver a lot and have been all through the code. There is nothing that should not be there in any of their templates. They are free if you leave the link at the bottom of the page and if you want to remove it then they ask you for $ 15.00. I have always left them.
Yes sir. I was looking for a landscape theme I could modify myself. I've been learning alot in dreamweaver trying to build one from scratch, but I'd like to try modifying some.

I have dreamweaver and wordpress so it doesn't matter which it's a theme for.

It's hard to find landscaping themes period

Thanks guys
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