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QXpress Users - Please Read

My company has been using QX (Desktop Version) for about 7 years (and still do) and have always really liked it. It has always been very stable and the integration with Quickbooks has been the best out there. We have 10 users and we use the Enterprise edition.
I attended one of the user conferences a few years ago and it seemed like they were headed in the right direction. However, since Aloce sold it, it seems like it went stagnant. It has been the same version with no updates and there has been no talk of any iphone or droid app which blows my mind. Has anyone heard any news on the direction of this software? I will consider looking elsewhere if I have to. I want to have a relationship with a scheduling software company (that streamlines with Quickbooks), where it is obvious they are making strides on constantly and improving and helping their clients.

Anyone have any news on QX?

Thanks in advance.

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