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Originally Posted by larryinalabama View Post
I dont mean any disrespect, but generally a 15million dollar home has more than 2000' of landscape, even in los angeles.
Be careful with your assumptions. You know what happens when you assume right. Every market is different. I just did a search of current real estate in Boston for homes for sale over $10mill. Out of the 7 homes for sale, 5 are brownstones having at the most, two 15'x15' lawns/gardens in the front. The area in the back with ally access is far more valuable as parking spaces than it would be as a yard. Of the two properties left, one has zero turf but probably about 500-750 total of small meticulously maintained beds. The only property for sale in Boston over $10mill right now with a lawn that would actually require a lawnmower rather than a string trimmer to mow, has about 1,200sq ft at most of grass and is for sale for $18mil.

If you go to the suburbs just outside of the city, there are a number of homes in the same price range, but with 10+ acres of miraculously maintained landscapes, most of which have on site crews or even resident staff to maintain the landscape.

There are huge differences from one area of the country to the next!
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