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Originally Posted by Pietro View Post
Guys, I live in NJ. I dont hear much about peoples lawn stuff getting stolen, but please take a minute to read this. This is strictly about insurance. I never had insurance on equip. Just a typical Commercial auto policy. I have an F250 and a 24 ft enclosed with EVERYTHING I own inside it. I was thinking....What the hell would I do if someone stole it all....Id be screwed. So I contacted my insurance agent. I have (4) mowers in there....3 Toro Diesel Z Masters and a Toro 36 walkbehind. Im still making payments on 2 mowers. I insured my Diesels for 5,6 and 8K each, (oldest being cheapest)....then I took an additional $10,000 umbrella policy to cover all the hand helds. There is also a little more in there to suppliment the cost of the mowers. (They give you estimated cash value.). My trailer itself is covered by the commercial truck thats $29,000 of insurance...against Theft, Fire, Vandalism, Terrorism and acts of god.....I was expecting a large number for this insurance.....guess what.....

Thru The Selective Insurance Group....I pay for my Inland Marine Policy......$301.00 a year... GET COVERED PEOPLE!
Glad to read this post was cuz you got inland marine. When I first started reading I thought it was gonna end with someone stole your truck with trailer & all contents!
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