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New Customer

Hello to all, hope your season is back to normal. I picked up a new customer about a week ago and gave a quote sheet for my service price. Yesterday I serviced the property and the elderly owner comes out and ask for the rear patio to be blow vac for leaf debris as I was indicating at the time to my helper problem. She comes out shortly afterwards and hands me a my pay and ask for a business card, of which I hand her and thank her. I walk to the trailer and check the cash and its minus $10.00 of my fee. The helper ask if I had any business cards and I asked what for and he pointed out the overgrown occupied propertis ($400,000+ homes) that may be potential customers, he would place a card at these properties..

This is the first worker that ever stated this, and it was impressive. I told him thanks and I had already forwarded post cards earlier in the week. I knock at the door politely and ask her if she still had the quote sheet I gave her and she states no. I informed her my price was on that sheet and she was $10.00 short. She became confused and stated I must not be the same guy she talked to about the service. I explaine I was sent last week by her son. She also said she included a $5.00 tip. WoW. I thought about it and told her including her tip I will service the property for the same amount. In theory there are only a few cuts left, however I want to be in the community for potential customers to see the work. Some how in the back of my mine I think cheapness has peeked it's ugly head. This is a yay or nay call and I went with yay....your thought.
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