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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
Many times those slow spots can become never spots... there are so many reasons why those spots aren't germinating so before the others get too far along it doesn't hurt to overseed some more... especially when working with bare soil..
Maybe folks can help me on a closely related problem. I did a lawn with several bare spots that I seeded with KBG about 3 weeks ago. A little early for seeding in this area, but I tried it anyway. So now, a few seedlings have popped through sprouted, but what I mostly see is greenish "glow" color just under the soil surface, but its been sitting there doing nothing for a week now, just glowing green so to speak. At first, I thought it was moss, but it's not. It looks like seed that has germinated, but not popped through. Is this normal for KBG? Or should I assume the seed's second stage blew up after launch, which means I should give up and start again? I'd hate to rip it up if its just about to come up, but on the other hand, I can't wait too much longer if its going to get established in time.
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