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Sorry guys. If you have to do all that work to make sure your trimmers are safe, the "extreme"rack is not a quality product. Maybe if they came up with a better mounting system. Who cares if no can steal the trimmers if they are just gonna fall off. All the extra hardware needed that isn't included..why don't they give you everything you need to truly secure your trimmers. Space is valuble on my trailer and don't know what I would do I had to put 2 double's instead of a 4 rack. My trimmer trap came with everything I needed, holds 4, mounted securely to the top and bottom rail by smart design, and are pretty secure from thiefs. Some of you say these aren't safe from thieves but if a thief really wants it, he's gonna get it, regardless of security. I run all the same brand handhelds so I don't have any issue's with the trimmers spinning that extreme rack owners say happens. Not to say it doesn't happen but I don't have any problems.
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