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Originally Posted by zippy-phil View Post
if you go legit then you might have to start keeping records and not just cash. Don't forget about taxes and the IRS too. I would also talk to an account, its not that expensive. Good start though. We just started out also. We have still have to borrow mowers sometimes. we have been doing some serious door knocking/door hanging for 3 weeks and have 5 or 6 regulars now. My goal is in 90 days to have 50 accounts.
zippy-phil, thanks for the feedback, yes i understand that i will have to keep records, for now i do that just for myself, i write the day i did someones yard and the cash received. what part of the states do you live in? I was hoping to start off similar to that but i dont want to get cited for doing business with no license, i dont know how they expect people to buy a license to start a biz with no customers first or start up cash in this economy. But maybe i could get away with a little advertising, i just want to blast my name all over the trailer but want to be licensed first just in case.
5-6 regulars so far for just starting out, that is good, congrats and goodluck!
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