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Originally Posted by Irrigation Contractor View Post
If we did not have Hindsite I would have to cut the service department in half. I could not see is being possible to manage and schedule without HS or a program equal to it.

Most of the problems with HS were on my end or my settings. Once I spent the time to learn how to really use it and trained the service techs HS is one thing we would be lost without.

The other thing I recommend is to use wireless devices that can sync all day. Samsung Tablets work great, but any laptop with Verizon "MiFi" solved some of the issues we had. Again, these were us screwing it up! LOL
Originally Posted by ICS View Post
My issues were the HS tech support creating were more issues due to their lack of seeing the entire picture. For example if you have your service tech go and replace a head and that's all they did, so they didn't bother running the system to confirm it was the actual broken head in issue or to run afterwards to confirm that it was adjusted properly and that there were no other issues. Just has been frustrating at times and since we have been with them for so long I seem to more then most of their level 1 support. They have cost me a few grand in the past couple of years but they have saved me a lot more.
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To both of you - how many service techs do you have that you use with HS? I have been leaning towards HS, so that my employees can upload the sales receipts or invoices, which is one less step I have to do at the office. Currently, they do all their jobs, then I get a stack of paperwork to enter back into QB. But sometimes I won't see them for close to a week, so then I get a big stack of work orders to convert to invoices, and sales receipts to enter. With 6-10 jobs per day in the spring/summer, and 10-20 per day during blowouts, thats a lot of paperwork to enter. And prevents me from either working in the field, or playing in the mountains.
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