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Originally Posted by Ticolawnllc View Post
This feels like high school all over again. For a group of guy expressing your maturity and lack of need for sigs you sure are acting like children.
True, all true. However, since you asked, I did a ton of drainage, and used a designer that did septic drainfields. He would ascertain if the water was coming from the surface, in which case drain boxes were installed and daylighted to the low point. If it was subsurface, we went down to hardpan, six inches deeper and installed drainpipe (socks came later, but a great idea.) He called for drain rock all the way to the top of grade,but we later modified his designs and used fabric to provide some mulch to cover. He spec'd a plastic wrap on the downhill side of a curtain drain to channel the water into the pipes. Never had one fail.

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