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We run 5-8 techs which is why I just cannot see doing this business without it. 2 years ago we decided to make sure each tech had a netbook, laptop or tablet that wireless internet. The netbooks were trouble until we got each tech a small "MiFi" hot spot which is what we use for my techs that carry full size laptops to run the centrals etc. I used to worry about the Verizon bill and tried to use HS without wireless, but having each tech find a hot spot anytime we needed to make a schedule change became a total waste of time.

The tablets are great also, each tech uses their devices to store station descriptions and as-builds along with e-mail. Using the technology that is available to all of us has not only increased production, but better customer service and significant profits.

My office manager, service manager and myself all have HS on our office computers so we know where each tech is and how their day is progressing. We ALL know this business and how a small item can turn into a day of work and vice versa. We can make decisions on whether to dispatch more assets or call customers for potential cancellations.

ONE OF THE BEST FUNCTIONS OF HINDSITE is the integration with Quickbooks. At the end of the day, we import ALL of the work orders to QB which includes a spell check feature. All of the parts we entered in HS are in QB with accurate pricing. HS makes it easy for the techs to enter other labors, all the parts, AND a description of the work performed. HS comes with "quick comments", but you can also enter any additional comments. Example, Replaced broken rotor head on zone # is one of them. All the tech does is click on the comment, then enter the zone #. Our invoices are very detailed and has almost eliminated the phone calls, "I want to dispute my bill, what work was done" etc.

Anyway, I went on way to much and I apologize. I really like HS and would not know what to do without it. The owner of HS has an irrigation business, so anything you can think of and more is already in place. HS is scheduled to write an assessment for us that will allow the techs to enter the backflow test results paperless which will transfer all the numbers to the office template to complete the forms. Good Luck
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