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Originally Posted by slowleak1 View Post
We verified the gun with 2 other trucks, and also checked it against another gun.

Flat concrete, zero wind. It is a long private driveway, probably about 2,000 feet long. Completely level. Also PTO was not engaged.

I will post back with more tomorrow.
I will be very interested in knowing if you dealer gets more speed from your Cheetah. The only Cheetah I know of that was checked accurately, because of being done by a certified land surveyor, did meet the advertised 16 mph speed.

The police radar should be very accurate as well, so it will be interesting to see if your speed is changed by the dealer.

I just spoke with my nephew which is a NC Highway Patrol Officer, he told me their radar was accurate to within 1 mph, not as accurate as I would have thought.
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