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18 HP Kohler fuel leak into cylinder and muffler

I have an older Gravely Pro-50 (serial # 00629401) mower with a Kohler Magnum 18 HP, Model# MV18S Serial# 2011308286 that I use to mow my personal yard. I went into the garage yesterday and found gas leaking onto the floor. I pulled the float bowl off the carb and found some dirt in it so I removed the needle and float from it, did a little cleaning, and put it back together. The engine would not crank so I removed both spark plugs. One was dry but the other one was full of gas. I cranked the engine over and pumped it dry and put everything back together again. There was gas dripping from a connection on the lower part of the muffler so I did not want to try to start it until it was drained dry so I put a towel under it and let it set overnight. I found a lot of gas had drained onto the floor but no drips coming from the muffler. I pulled the oil dip stick and although it showed low oil, it did not look like it had any gas mixed in it. I started the mower and moved it outside so I could clean the floor when I found what looked like gas/oil mixture pouring out of the crankcase hose vent that exits into the air filter.
My question is has anyone else ever experienced this before? This engine has a pulse operated fuel pump ( replaced in the last 2 years) and I can't understand how gas can leak past it to the point of filling a whole cylinder. I am going to change the oil and filter and check compression on both cylinders. Any other suggestions??
Dewey from Michigan
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