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ok time for some more picherrrs

started building a 2 acre pond

now heres a fun little project. Overflow pipe was in bad shape. water was flowing under the pipe instead of through the pipe. in some areas you could probably stand up under the pipe inside the damn it was that washed out!

engineers decided to excavate all the lose dirt from the front to solid ground, pour flowable fill (25 yards) then dig up and recompact the dirt around all the rest of the pipe

all was good till I poured the first 10 yards and then a random thunderstorm came up. 2 inches of rain in 30 minutes.... pond filled up in about 5 minutes. just long enough to build a dam and bust the spillway to save 2 days work from getting washed away.

then we had a defective remote on the compactor... it would runaway sometimes no matter what controls you pushed.

taking soil tests


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