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Originally Posted by slowleak1 View Post
I called the dealer today, since I didnt have time to bring it in, just to ask some questions.

I was informed that per scag, the term "up to" means it doesnt HAVE to do 12/16, but just somewhere close. I was told they will look at it but not necesarily do anything about it. I ahve a friend with a tachometer, and tomorrow we are going to check rpm's.

I am still extremely pleased with the cut quality. It doesnt chop up the grass very well but it cuts it very quickly and cleanly and spreads it very evenly. I now have about 6 hours on the machine and the blades still look brand new, and there is minimal clumping on the underside of the deck.

I also experimented with the seat some today. I have it adjusted a good bit back and I can still see the deck edge. I have VERY good depth perception so untill I read about other people's issues with seeing the deck I never realized that I didnt even look at mine. It was a bit weird cutting today and trying to look at the deck but I am starting to get used to it.

I also started off on 2 full tanks of gas over the weekend, to check fuel consumption. So far I am not pleased, as the gauge is saying I have burned almost half a tank in just 2 hours.
The Velocity Plus Deck is design to do just what you are seeing, process a large amount of grass very fast, get it out of the discharge opening and spread it evenly. This is why you see the longer pieces, unlike what you would see with a deck such as the Exmark Ultra Cut, one that processes the grass more, and discharges it in much smaller pieces.

Your deck will handle wet grass and a wider variety of cutting situations better than a further processing deck. You will not clean grass from underneath your deck nearly as often as you would with the Ultra Cut, but nether will you get the manicured cut of the Exmark deck.

Don't depend too much on any gas gauge used on a mower, most are not that accurate. I'd say you are in the 1.8 to 2 gph range, depending on what you are cutting.
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