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Originally Posted by slowleak1 View Post
I called the dealer today, since I didnt have time to bring it in, just to ask some questions.

I was informed that per scag, the term "up to" means it doesnt HAVE to do 12/16, but just somewhere close. I was told they will look at it but not necesarily do anything about it. I ahve a friend with a tachometer, and tomorrow we are going to check rpm's.

I am still extremely pleased with the cut quality. It doesnt chop up the grass very well but it cuts it very quickly and cleanly and spreads it very evenly. I now have about 6 hours on the machine and the blades still look brand new, and there is minimal clumping on the underside of the deck.

I also experimented with the seat some today. I have it adjusted a good bit back and I can still see the deck edge. I have VERY good depth perception so untill I read about other people's issues with seeing the deck I never realized that I didnt even look at mine. It was a bit weird cutting today and trying to look at the deck but I am starting to get used to it.

I also started off on 2 full tanks of gas over the weekend, to check fuel consumption. So far I am not pleased, as the gauge is saying I have burned almost half a tank in just 2 hours.
You mean the Cheetah doesn't come with a tach?! I'm surprised that one of Scag's top of the line mowers doesn't have one....would have never thought that.
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