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Originally Posted by Skipster View Post
1/4 lb of what over what area? Are you using that 13-0-44 product, or something else? I guess I'm a bit particular when talking about product rates. Is it 0.25# N/A? 1/4 lb/A of 13-0-44 is only 0.03# N/A, which isn't much at all. I guess I like the straight apples-to-apples comparisons, instead of talking about different amounts of different products.

Is the Mn needed? Do you have deficient soil tests or tissue tests? I also hear a lot of guys talk about micros, but I'm not convinced they need them. If you don't have a micronutrient deficiency, why apply them? If you have availability problems b/c of salts or pH, why not correct the problem -- it would be cheaper.
KN03, 13-0-45, applied at 1/4 lb per 1000 sq ft. Micros are mixed at according to the product label, each variety differs. Micro mix is what gives you the color. I have red clay acidic soils in my area. Now just the KN03 by itself is not enough nitrogen to fulfill the needs of Bermuda or zyosia but it is a great inexpensive mix for spring green up or late fall. Try it you may like it. Let greendoc chime in, he will fill you in on the rest.
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