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Originally Posted by LawnCareNoobie View Post
It depends on locations. Just because those other brands are more expensive in your area than Exmark doesn't mean it applies to everyone else. But you have your reasons just like everyone else has theirs.

I got John Deere because they are slightly lower in cost than neighboring Scag, Exmark, and Kubota dealers. I also have Toro nearby but I can't stand the dealer so I won't bother there.

I haven't had any issues with my machines, and I have a great dealer with 2 locations within a 20 minute drive from me. No reason for me to switch brands.
This is very true. My dealer carries the largest variety of brands you will find, and are a sponsor here with their online parts website

They sell Scag, Toro, GH, Husky, Exmark, Snapper, and Ferris. Exmark is the highest priced mower they sell if your comparing apples to apples. Appx 5 out of 10 sales are Scag.

I have another dealer who sells Exmark about 40 miles away and his prices are even higher than my dealer.
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