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Fall Clean up pricing?

I been reading lots of posts on here about fall pricing and how to do it.

this guy brad wrote this and it makes sense: ((Say your hourly rate is $60 (for the convenience of that particular number). Property "A" takes 40 minutes to mow during the regular season, so you charge $40 to mow that property weekly. Now that same property "A" takes you two and a half hours to complete a fall clean-up on, so using your $60/hour rate that you normally charge, the price would be $150. Now of course if you have any dump fees associated with disposing of the extra debris, then you will need to add that to your end price.))

if you price it how he describes it above and the customer wants to know a price upfront would you just guesstimate? or do you explain the formula to them

Besides pricing like I heard people do it by charging a premium monthly price from beginning of season to end with spring and fall included. (if someone does this , what would be a good premium price for a house you normally charge 25$x4 = 100$/month be?)

And flat rates (similar to how brad explained) I feel like this is the same formula you just guesstimate how long it would take , correct?

Any other tips would be much appreciated, I am trying to find a simple way to base all my pricing for fall
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