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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
Dew occurs when the atmospheric temps drop low enough that the humidity condenses out of the air... that tempurature is called the "dew point"... guttation is water that actually exudes from the plant and the humidity is so high in the cool morning that the water doesn't evatorate as it normally might...

I don't worry too much about the aeration holes drying out and killing the grass this time of year in CentroWisco, but I can't speak to TN...

I seeded many areas that will sit until the time occurs naturally for it to germinate and grow, as we have areas where artificial irrigation is not feasible... it is generally fine and when it is not, I supplement with dormant seeding...
Exactly, I'm not worried as much about the seed I just spread; my lawn is thick enough to do the job when mother nature says its time.

Now I have some area's I need to help it along but those I haven't got to yet.

Smallaxe I'll get a pic of the plus and thach in a little while, to my eye's it don't look bad just a thin layer on top of the plug but again I don't know what I'm looking for there.

God created man, man plants grass, fertilized and watered the grass to watch it grow. Man cut grass and this confused God; in his infinite wisdom where did he go wrong? Why would man work, plant, water and once it grew cut it down just to see the process repeat.

Then God created Women
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