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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
With all due respect, there are some presumptions in this comment quoted above.

We only use snap edge, and have used it for 16 years.

It's a great restraint. And it doubles as a tool, it's great for using to mark the field for cutting radiuses.

You do not need to install pavers before the SnapEdge is installed! That is 100% false. We never install the retraint first, for cryin out loud! SnapEdge will conform to however good the radiuses are cut.

It's the best restraint out there. And the sun does not effect it.
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Tom is talking about the Perm Edge, made by Snap Edge.
Which he is correct, with the Perm Edge you cannot use it to mark the radiuses.
That Perm Edge is really pain in the ass to use. It is really flimsy, and yes you have to layout the perimeter perfectly and plan your cuts perfectly.
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