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Originally Posted by grassmasterswilson View Post
Thanks for all the responses and tips.

I'm mostly a mow/blow/go business with an application side. There is a lot of mow/blow go work available here and that is mostly what people ask for.... Someone to mow and spray beds/drives/sidewalks with roundup. As I grow I'm leaning towards looking into keeping fewer customers that want multiple and higher end services. So maybe instead of having 50-100 mow/blow/go accounts you only had 25-50 full service accounts.

I'm going to use the fall and winter to really look into what type of pruning should be done in this area. I'm also going to try to get better at id'ing plants. I've thought about talking with a local nursery and see if they would be interested in taking on my pruing work.

I know every location is different, but any idea how much time beyond mowing you allow for a property per week or cut? I was considering just adding a fee to the cut and that would include bed maintenance and 2-3 pruinging a year. With a weekly account we might get 42-48 cuts(mows and leaf cleaups). So maybe you add $10-20 per cut to get a price that would include everything.
I just factor how much time it will take. Some jobs that are bigger should just be bid at a job rate vs hourly. Why would you give the work away to someone else?? Learn for yourself and YOU do the work.
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