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Good job! It really takes something to get out there and hang 'em. I make myself put a couple in the truck when heading out on each delivery. It let's people know you service that area. I see domino's putting them out saying "We deliver here". It's a smart way to go. I get a whole lot more from these signs compared to my $200/month billboard. It's a wise investment.
Secondarily you can use this same pdf file when advertising on Craigslist which creates brand awareness (as I'm sure you know).
While on a compost delivery last week I had this brainstorm for a CL ad:

Title: Guess who's talking a load of Poop?

Description: At least I'm honest about what I'm trying to sell you. And so-on & so forth.

Needless to say, it was flagged/deleted within a day or so.
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