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Originally Posted by Duekster View Post
Around here, these signs are only allowed on weekends.

There were professional sign crews putting up signs on Friday evenings and down Sunday night. This keeps them out of the way of the mowing crews.
The one time Code Enforcement threatened me about the signs I simply asked which would he prefer:
1. I remove the signs as demanded on my way to apply for food-stamps?
2. The signs remain & I'm one less drain on society?
(Nothing against food-stamps, I say grab all the silver-ware you can as this Titanic is going down).
His response was: "Just get 'em down o.k."?

Now I'm not blind, I know these signs can make the roadways seem trashy sometimes & that's why I've recently acquired a fondness for the type as pictured. As long as the freebie bag sticks around it draws attention to my sign w/phone # above.
I had a lot of fun leaving the bags around the county then on Craigslist I'd post: Where's the Poo Bandit today? This way the posted pics would give them a clue where they might find their free 50# bag (if it's still there of course).
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