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An update on the SumaGreen application on both the Ornamental Fountaingrass as well as the Perennial Ryegrass testing at my home.

The Fountaingrass looks GREAT.....It is actually greening this late into the season. Very happy.

The PR had 2 more Disease issues following the Foliar Anthracnose. We had a Pythium Blight outbreak that was quite severe, and following that we have Grey Leaf Spot.

Prior to using the sumagreen I only had some Brown Patch from time to time when the conditions were perfect for the disease.

Perhaps I will ask someone from Rutgers to come over and have a look.

My thoughts this far is that the Sumagreen is far more powerful as a Nitrogen Fixer than I expected. Therefore I will treat it with the same respect as a "Chemical Nitrogen" as the sumagreen fixes N and releases it in the Ammonical form, which will convert to Nitrate N when the soils are summer temps.

So no sumagreen here when the temps hit above 80F and night temps above 55F for my next testing phase, next season on cool season grasses.

Would like to hear more on how it is working on some of the Warm Season Grasses still actively growing in the southern states.......

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