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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
in my opinion you should set yourself up financially so you could afford to miss a whole year of work. then if you only work 7.2 months your not out much.
That's a good thing to have your finances in that much order, but that doesn't excuse the 7.2 vs 8 total man months worked. Even if we all had a year saved up. After 2-3 season of producing 10% under. You would be 30% down.

That's considering the monitory loss. to me a more important problem effected by call in's is the fact something I promised would be completed most likely will not get done. 1 guy on a 3 man crew is 33% of the work force. And it's safe to assume 33% may not get completed that day, or if it is the other crew members end up with a lot of overtime
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