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Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
How do you prune shrubs in Jan., when there may be a foot of snow on the ground? Or what happens if you have record snowfalls, do you still go there twice a month because you are contractually obligated? Too many variables, which is why after Thanksgiving we stay away from grounds care until April 1 unless there is still snow on the ground.

I dont prune shrubs in Jan. because like you said there may be a foot of snow on the ground but different places it could be an option or last winter around here it would have been. The contract would not have a monthly visit scheduled for the winter months the only thing scheduled would be the snow removal when necessary. Thought of this due to the winter we had last year only 3 or 4 events. Just dont want my customers resenting me when they get my invoice for a month that I was never there. So if it hadnt snowed in a few weeks I would swing by my accts and do a general clean-up just to show that I am still caring for there property to atleast some extent. I am new at this on my own and this may not be necessary or practical (for bigger outfits) but being solo I definately dont think it would hurt.
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