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Some motherfracker hit and busted my cargo carrier (that I carry my 21" mower on) on the back of my truck while I was in Wendy's taking a leak today. Bastard got out, looked at his own car, got back in, and took off.

A couple people told me what happened when I came out and a young guy came over and gave me the plate and description and his contact info.
Police report filed. I hope the prick gets nailed for hit and run. I don't know how that works, or what the charges would be, but whatever happens, he deserves it. He could have paid $200 for a new cargo carrier and been done with it. I hope his insurance goes through the roof too - if he has any.


Then I cut my friggin finger trying to find a new point to strap my mower down so it wouldn't roll off the broken end.
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