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Originally Posted by PAlawn View Post
I just bought a bunch of them, you can buy them at home depot etc.. 3 for like $16 with two keys per lock so 3 locks and 6 keys for $16. All the keys are the same so you have lots of extra keys. Also you put them on several key chains. My thoughts are these would keep someone from just taking hand held equip because they would have to at least have bolt cutters or something to break through the lock. I was thinking about using these on a mower but where could I loop them through on a mower other than the handle. Yes this seems paranoid, but seeing all these threads about getting stuff getting stolen is making me want to do something.

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Where can I loop a cable lock through on a mower other than the handle because it is removable.
there i a handle on the actual deck that you could look it through but i only have that handle on floating decks
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