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I find that the younger ones spend the most on the big trucks and equipment, I see it here all the time and they don't stay in business long. It just goes to prove how easy it is for someone to get a loan and mortgage themselves to the hilt. When I started business in '87 I bought myself a 78 half ton pick up with 3 speed on the column, it cost me 600 dollars and I had to borrow the money to get it running. I paid it back and spent a year in that thing. Today you don't see any of the new guys buying old trucks and fixing them up, they want the king ranches and ltz's on day one with a power-tilt float and track loaders, its a shame really, cause they wanna be like us older guys who own the king ranches but they're missing the point. Why be in business if all you're going to do is pay for equipment. Oh and the work they are doing is shamefull.
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