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Originally Posted by all ferris View Post
I'm the one who brought up having over $100k in equipment at a job site. I guess what I was trying to say is that if you went out and bought all the equipment new or slightly used that I bring to a job site it would be over $100k.

My F450 dump was $52000 that I bought new in 2008

T200 Bobcat was $25000 bought used in 2005

MT55 Bobcat was $18500 new in 2009

Equipment trailer was $4500 bought new in 2003.

Little stuff like saws and laser was like $4000 bought new at various times.

Heck, I think I have over $500 just in shovels, rakes, hammers etc.

Just my knowledge alone is worth quite a bit

The list goes on but if I bought all that stuff plus all the little stuff at one time you can see where the $100k comes from.
I think what everyone is getting at is Do you really need a 52k f-450 to do the job, or will the used 15k truck to the same job at the same pace. We still have the first dump truck I bought, it is a 1995 3500 dump. Bought it for 1500 bucks and slapped a 2k bed on it. It is still in our fleet and goes out every day with well over 250k miles on it. Sure it needs repairs from time, but you take a 800 a month payment thats $9600 a year. Thats a heck of a lot of money.
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