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Soil test calls for 50 lb/m of calcuim

How much calicitic lime do you need to apply?
How much dolomitic lime do you need to apply?

Solu Cal is a high calicitic lime. They claim you need only 25% of your ca requirement, but that's false. The solu Cal is reacted with an organic acid, so the Ca breaks down faster, is more readily available to plant, but it's not enough to correct the soil ph for very long.

Lime applied to the soil takes ~ 1 year to move 3" deep in the soil with normal annuel rainfall of 40" / yr.

Apply 25% of Ca with solu Cal, and apply the remainder with pellitized lime.
Great to use when seeding if soil is acid....good time to apply when aerifying, will move thru the soil a little faster

Never appl;y more than 15-20lbs/m of Ca at one application

Calicitic lime and dolomitic lime are very different, and seldom can you use either one

Hope you answer the questions
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