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Turfgrass arn't getting enough p2o5 now. Most of the p2o5 is tied up in the soil, very inmobile. If properly applied, very little get into waterways.

Keep the k levels to 3-5%, and closer to 5% if turfgrass is underlot of stress.

5 lbs/acre of fe /yr is plenty

Apply a QUALITY FORTIFIED organic fert 2-3 /yr

Food for thought:
Up to the late 70's in N Ill we be applying ~ 7lbs/m/yr on putting greens, generally using fert containing uf. All of a sudden, the trend went to 3-4 lbs/m/yr....turf look great for several years, then started declining. Why?.....we had depleted the reserve. Net result, we increased the n applications a little

So, you guys weaning off one program and start another, wait several years to make a judgement

Place for liquid and spoon feeding, but in home lawns I believe it's excessive. Just used a quality fortified organic fertilizer

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